A Ball For A Smile

We want to spread smiles

Description and main objectives

The 'A ball for a smile' campaign is a charitable initiative whose main objective is to give a ball to several underprivileged children.

To make this possible, we rely on the generosity of everyone involved in the Vancouver F.C. Ecosystem (employees, partners and ordinary citizens) as well as the community in general, inviting them to take part in the campaign by sponsoring previously identified children.

Agrupamento de Escolas D. João II - Sintra, under the leadership of Principal Professor Paulo Campos and his team, established a protocol with Vancouver Futebol Clube to promote the school's openness to the local and national community, encouraging partnerships with sports institutions, such as Vancouver F.C., with the aim of collecting sports and leisure materials to donate to African communities and other needy peoples.

"A ball, a smile" - sports equipment - Bola.

 "A smile for you, a smile for someone else" - Doll.

 "It's good for you, it can be good for someone else" - Used clothes.

Agrupamento de Escolas D. João II has selected Dr. André Silvestre, who belongs to recruitment group 620 - Physical Education, with the characteristics required to develop this project at school level (internal/external).

The school and Vancouver F.C. will assume all the legal duties, competencies and responsibilities that belong to them as a public school, during the course of the activities (keeping the donated materials).

The school district and Vancouver F.C. have established forms of cooperation between the parties, which allow for the identification of other concrete measures to involve teachers and students with a view to improving education, culture and civic-mindedness.

Campaign reach

The campaign has a reach in Portugal, operated by Vancouver F.C. and Agrupamento de Escolas D. João II - Sintra in collaboration with all the National and International Intuitions.

How the "A ball for a smile" campaign came about

Vancouver F.C. currently operates three soccer academies in Guinea-Bissau, and will soon expand its operations to include more academies in several developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America, where it is dedicated to working with disadvantaged children. The impetus behind this initiative arose from the continued success of a social project carried out by Vancouver F.C., which motivated the club to challenge itself, its partners, charities and society in general to participate in a project on a national and internationally significant scale.

Stimulate the appreciation of human beings through actions of solidarity and citizenship.

To involve the business community in actions that value respect for others.

To promote the well-being of the children who will receive the donations.

Bring a little joy.

Campaign partners

The success of this campaign depends on:

  • Social partners in each local authority and their respective school groups (partners with strong knowledge of the local social structure);
  • Hundreds of godparents (anonymous or companies) taking on the commitment of sponsoring each child's dream gift;
  •  National organization.

The institutions are the social partners chosen for this campaign, due to their proximity to the communities.

In recognition of their participation and action in this "one ball, one smile" campaign, Vancouver F.C. is offering organizations that join this project the opportunity to display their logos free of charge on its website."

internal impact

Receive a smile and share a smile. Not only will this raise your personal and professional self-esteem, but it will also make a positive difference to the lives of those around you. The feeling of gratification for making an impact is even more powerful when we witness children receiving a ball, promoting their development and personal fulfillment, all thanks to our shared commitment to this life project.

Contact: asilvestre@vancouver-fc.com

If you would like to support a company or institution from Switzerland, please contact Joel Araújo Neves: joel.neves03@hotmail.com

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